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Charity Program

 To learn more about the charity we're giving to this month, check out our blog.

Here at Festival Trading Co., we love to spread the love. One of our favorite things about this business is our ability to help you, our customers, find great products and supplies for your weekend adventures - it really brings a smile to our faces to see you stoked!

Early on, we decided we want to help share the love in an even bigger way: we pledged to donate at least 10% of our profits to a different charity every month - often charities or nonprofits suggested and voted on by customers. Not only does this help support some seriously awesome organizations, we hope that it allows our customers to feel even better about the super awesome supplies they’ve bought through us. We hope that you know that every purchase you make can help! And don’t forget - we pledged to give a minimum of 10%, so we will frequently hold events and special sales where we give even more to a cause we feel strongly about!

We’ve always been passionate about doing our part to give back to the communities and organizations that we (and our customers!) believe in, and now we’re able to truly do that with the help of all our customers. From the bottom of our heart, thank you!

Keep an eye out on this page for updates on the organizations we’re supporting, as well as any events or polls we may be holding.

If you have any suggestions for organizations we should consider donating to, let us know! Shoot an email to