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Light Up Shoelaces Guide



So. You made the right decision and bought a pair of our LED shoelaces. Nice! 

Now comes the tricky part: how to get them on, get them snug, and - most importantly - get them glowing! Follow these brief instructions and you'll be lit up and looking fly in no time. 




1) Start out by taking your normal shoelaces out. Now, lace up your shoes with the clear acrylic laces provided. It’s helpful for the laces to be exiting facing out, like shown above.



2) Get the LED unit. Make sure the lock lever on the front is turned to “loose”. Pass the end of the lace through the hole right next to the lock lever.



3) Pull the lace nice and taut! The LED unit will keep your laces tight, and you want to make sure your feet won’t slip around too much while you get down.



4) Turn the lock lever to “lock”. You’ll hear a click, and the lace should be tightly secured.



5) Now pass the lace over to the side of the LED unit, and insert the end of the lace into the hole on the side. It should be held somewhat snugly into place there. *This is a good time to trim the laces down to a shorter length, if you want to.




6) You’re done! Press the button in the middle to cycle through the different blink modes, and go get to dancing already!